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10 questions to help you find purpose, 1000+ free web fonts, an instant podcast homepage, faster business profitability, and more below.

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Hi there,

Can you believe that its already day 13 of 2021?

At the beginning of January, we gave ourselves an exciting challenge and were just about ready to spring it on the world. Well, on you and anyone else you tell :)

Next week, were launching V2.0 of our investing community for entrepreneurs. This means that youll have access to a selection of great features and resources directly inside the community.

Youll get our newsletters, podcast, and a few other special benefits that were keeping a secret - for now.

Watch out for more news soon and be sure to open next weeks newsletter.

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妍 Tools

Instant Podcast Homepages

Podcasts are growing in popularity due to their ease of access, their ability to attract niche audiences, and the fact that you can listen almost anywhere.

If you have a standalone show, then Podpage is a clever tool that creates an instant homepage for your podcast. No tech skills needed!

People who consume a lot of podcasts generally do so through a single platform/app, like Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google.

But, when it comes to actually promoting your show on social media, it's far better to share a link that's platform independent.

The basic level is free and there are two upgrade options, maxing out at $12 per month. The latter gives you extra customization options, along with a more fully featured website, including blog functionality and the ability to add transcripts.

>> Create a Podpage

Untangle Your Bookmark Mess

We do a ton of research online and it's always a challenge to keep our tabs and bookmarks under control.

If you've got a mess of bookmarks, then take Raindrop for a spin.

What's great about this tool is that it lets you add tags to classify items. 

Even better, the entire content of every web-page and PDF that you've saved is fully searchable.

You can group articles and links into collections around the same topic or theme and move items in and out anytime you want.

Raindrop is available as an extension or an app that gives you unlimited bookmarks, collections, and devices for FREE.

>> See how it works

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Do you miss the sound of rain (or birds or waves perhaps)?

Writing about Raindrop reminded us that listening to the rain is available anytime at A Soft Murmur. Enjoy the sounds.

儭 1000+ Free Fonts

If your website needs a redesign, then great typography allows you to create a strong visual impact.

This collection from Awwwards isn't a tool per se; rather a selection of diverse fonts and style suggestions for your website or design needs.

We're loving "Recollect Retro" and "Kalmansk," and theyre only two from the first page of the site!

Every font listed is free, and it's a simple signup to register and collect any font you choose.

When you've finished your website design why not submit it for judging?

Sites submitted to Awwwards are reviewed and voted on by an international jury, made up of designers, developers and agencies worldwide. There are daily, monthly and annual awards on offer.

>> Choose a font

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As an aside, you do know that Google has an entire catalog with 1,029 free and open source fonts, right? See it here.

SEOs with Skin in the Game

Smash Digital - a growth agency, filled to the brim with unicorn images and SEO memes. A team of SEOs with actual skin in the game, ranking their own portfolio of profitable businesses, and offering the exact same services to clients.

An agency with so much link juice youll need a mop and bucket to clean it all up. Check. Them. Out.

儭 Podcast

Fiverrs Road to 797% Growth

(Image Source)

In this podcast episode, Micha Kaufman (founder and CEO of Fiverr) shares the decision frameworks behind their 797% growth. He discusses the lessons they learned from their beginning in 2009, including:

  • When youre told the idea is too crazy to work

  • Fiverrs epiphany:  Productizing services

  • Doing the opposite of what youre told for a go-to-market strategy

  • Why Fiverr made everything $5

  • Keeping Startup Speed even as a public company

This podcast is a great resource for all future and early-stage founders and start-ups. 

>> Listen and learn


次 Do Work That Matters

There won't be many of you who haven't heard of Seth Godin, and if you don't read his blog, then we suggest you check it out.

Last month the Entrepreneurs Handbook published: 10 Questions From Seth Godin to Help You Do Work That Matters.

The ideas in the article came from a list of questions that the writer had kept in his notebook for 6 years. These questions were all inspired by Seth Godin's books and interviews, and they offer a thought-provoking view on having a purpose in your work and life.

When you ask yourself questions like, "would you be missed?" or "can you be the best in the world?" then you'll find the answers cast a different perspective on your everyday experiences.

>> See the 10 questions

How to Learn Anything

(Image Source)

There are two types of mindset: growth and fixed.  A growth mindset improves our brains learning and problem solving capacity, while a fixed mindset says that intelligence is static and unchanging.

For entrepreneurs, having a growth mindset in a start-up is an imperative.

This is where Richard Feynmans learning technique comes in handy.  

In simple terms, explain what youre trying to learn, then find the gaps in your knowledge.

This involves 4 steps:

  1. Pick a topic

  2. Teach someone else

  3. Simplify

  4. Do it again

Feynman, advises us to learn like a child. 

If someone explains something to you in a way that is difficult to understand, ask them to explain it to you like youre 12. This process not only benefits you, but also benefits the person offering the explanation.

>> Learn the steps

Faster Business Profitability

Almost every new business starts out small.

To build from small beginnings to a major operation requires a plan for growth, and your start-up is no exception.

This article from Smallbiz Viewpoints outlines 5 strategies for growth including market penetration, product development, and market development.

Each section offers useful tactics for you to consider that will give you a competitive edge in your market. Nothing stands still in business so grasping these principles will allow you to adapt quickly and set yourself up for success.

As the writer says:

Growth strategies can fail at times, but with proper identification of market variables and the ultimate goal, the probability of the failure diminishes.

>> Get tactics for growth

Do Well Despite Uncertainty

Every business has inbuilt risk and uncertainty, and entrepreneurs often experience periods of self doubt.

One way to combat this is to build and maintain a positive team culture, despite all the unknowns.

When you get back to the basics of business leadership and innovation you'll find renewed confidence to face any challenge.

This piece from Startup Professionals offers you 7 ways to prosper in times of uncertainty.

We're not surprised that most of these points are centered around working with and empowering your team.

  1. Try new things, and keep the focus on learning

  2. Provide the resources and training to get the job done

  3. Double your positive communication on the why."

  4. Be persistent in your change implementation

  5. Publicly reward risk taking and new ideas

  6. Schedule regular brainstorming and practice sessions

  7. Make forecasting future business needs a way of life

>> See the details

巨 Startup Snacks 巨

Sharpen Your Finance and Accounting Skills

At the very least, an entrepreneur should know how to read a company balance sheet, income statement or cash flow statement.  Understanding these financial statements allows you to monitor how your business is performing.

If the fundamentals of finance are still a mystery to you, then the Corporate Finance Institute offers several free finance and accounting courses that are guaranteed to sharpen your skills.  

7-Step Legal Checklist for Budding Start-ups

You have a business idea and know people who could help you start.  You are excited and feel confident that your business will succeed.

But, starting a business is not just about setting up your website and hiring employees. There are critical legal tasks that require your attention from the beginning. 

Here is a 7-step legal checklist for your start-up that will keep you out of trouble:

  1. Company registration

  2. Founders agreement

  3. Employee contracts

  4. Personal injury claims

  5. Supplier contracts

  6. Tax issues

  7. Compliance fulfilment

5 Strategy Matrices All Entrepreneurs Should Know

Management consultants have created a $250 billion industry pointing out obvious problems to entrepreneurs. 

This article gives you 5 simple matrices to use for your task and company planning strategies.

You'll all be familiar with the S.W.O.T matrix, but what about the GE-McKinsey 9 Box Matrix? That one is not as complicated as it sounds and is especially relevant for companies with multiple products who need to decide where to focus their efforts.

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